Value Added Services

Extensive Experience

In response to requests from our customers and our comprehensive knowledge of our products, Grange Tubes has developed extensive experience in performing a variety of secondary operations and valued added services that allow you to Increase your opportunities in an ever more demanding market.

Cut Pieces & Lengths

PTFE Sleeving and Tubing up to 10mm OD can be cut to very small lengths, suitable for use in micro component assemblies.
All our products can be supplied in specific cut lengths, individual or multi bagged.

Spiral Cutting

We offer a Spiral Cutting service on our PTFE Sleeving range sizes 0-16 and our Tubing range up to 10mm OD x 1mm Wall. We can accommodate a variety of pitches, and can package as individual or bulk bags.

Punched & Drilled Holes

PTFE Conduit and Tube can be supplied with punched or drilled holes, a variety of configurations can be accommodated.

Straightening, Cuffing & Plugging

PTFE Conduit can be supplied with one or both ends Straightened, Cuffed or Plugged providing the ideal smooth surface to attach mechanical connectors and fittings.


PTFE Tubing and Conduit can be slit (a longitudinal cut that goes through the entire wall of the tube along its axial length) Allows the tube to be slipped over other components or pre-existing wires.


Flared Ends

The ends of Sleeving, Tubing and Conduit can be flared to facilitate the attachment of fittings or to allow for ease of insertion of items inside the tube.

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